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Clean water...Its a basic need to all people and yet not everyone has access to it. It seems unbelievable that a BILLION people live everyday with the choice of drinking unsafe water, or die. Let's change that! through your donations we will provide education and solutions to the BILLION. 


 Video produced by Charity Water. Support them if you wish at: Charity Water  *Donations to our Clean Water Projects are appreciated. 100% of your donation will go to Clean Water, Food, Disaster Relief Projects according to the urgency of the need. None will be used for administrative costs...zip, zero, nada.

Where to begin:

Sometimes it may be necessary to drill a well, other times the existing water source is not fit for drinking. Often the water is consumed anyway without testing or treatment and illness follows.

Partner with us in exploring the best options to provide free testing of existing water, and fund wells where needed. Help provide Bio-Sand Filtration, rain collection and other options to bring clean drinking water to communities to change lives.
  • Sponsor a "Well of Hope"
  • Water testing
  • Rain collection, and clean water sources.
  • Making water drinkable by teaching sanitation and water purification methods such as: SODIS method, Moringa method, and Bio Sand filters. We have also posted information on our video page.


Here is what your donations have done so far:
  • Construction of a concrete area around an exsisting well. This helped to impove water quality by providing drainage of contaminated bathing, and laundry water away from the well area. It also provided a clean work area insted of mud.
  • Provided demonstration and use of the SODIS method of water purification.

You can continue to make a difference. By donating just $20.00 to our Clean Water Project you will be giving clean water to one person for 8-10 years.



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